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OEM / ODM contract manufacturing service, building a brand of food supplements

Nutrition Profess Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of food supplements and cosmetics, providing top-notch OEM services. We specialize in creating private label food supplements and cosmetics for your business. Our services encompass the entire process, from formula ideation and development to customizing formulations for our clients. We have expertise in manufacturing a wide range of food supplements, including those for health, weight management, and skincare. We also excel in producing tea, coffee, herbal products, and collagen powder drinks. Additionally, our services extend to OEM manufacturing of cosmetics, such as creams, lotions, soaps, and medical cosmetics. We are committed to assisting you in product registration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and trademark registration. Furthermore, we offer ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services, leveraging our experienced team to meet your specific requirements under your brand.

OEM / ODM Service

  1. Reserch & Development Service.
  2. Registration FDA, Halal and Trademark Service.
  3. Production of food supplements in the form of tablets, capsules Service.
  4. Production food supplement powder type, drinking water, water Service.
  5. Production food supplement SOFT GELATIN CAPSULE
  6. Filling substances into capsules and punching tablets Service.
  7. Repack product.
  8. Offer advisory and packaging sourcing assistance services.

Design Service

  1. Packaging design services.
  2. Logo and brand identity design services.
  3. Print media design services.
  4. Online Media design services.
  5. Point of Sale Materials design services.
  6. Product label, sticker design service

Consulting Services

  1. Consulting & Development services.
  2. Consulting investment planning services.